A place of historical, aesthetic
and social significance to
the Warrnambool district

Warrnambool Cemetery Trust

The Warrnambool Cemetery Trust is responsible for the governance of the Warrnambool Cemetery and Tooram Memorial Park.


Warrnambool Cemetery 

Warrnambool was settled in the 1840s and land for the Cemetery was gazetted and Trustees appointed in June 1854.  There was a number of early burials that took place in these grounds before this time, most of which are listed in the Cemetery office.  Warrnambool Cemetery Trust is a non profit incorporated trust.  The trust operates under the provisions of the Cemeteries Act 2003 (Victoria).

Tooram Memorial Park

Tooram Memorial Park was officially opened in March 2021 and became a second cemetery for the people of Warrnambool and surrounding districts.




Our deceased record function has recently been upgraded, providing better access and more comprehensive information.

With the data migration we have identified that in some instances the information is not be totally correct.  Primarily this is due to the poor quality of historical records.  

Should you identify any anomolies please do not hesitate to contact our office.


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