Warrnambool Cemetery

The Warrnambool Cemetery currently has a number of options for you to create a memorial to your loved ones.

Monumental section

The initial ‘monumental’ area of the Warrnambool Cemetery was sectioned into the various Christian denominations. When that section was filled, additional sections for that particular denomination was created.

There is an infant section along the main driveway of the monumental section, titled “Denny Drive”.


Rules and Regulations Regarding Memorials

Please read or download the pdf here.

Lawn area

Burials into the lawn section of the Warrnambool Cemetery commenced in the 1980s with no denominational sections. This section presents a peaceful setting amongst beautifully manicured lawns. Please refer to our fee structure for further information.


The lawn section also includes a sensitive, peaceful area specifically for infants. This lies adjacent to the rose garden.

Niche wall

The niche wall was erected in the 1960s for the interment of cremated remains. Other cremated remains are interred in the rose garden or grave sites.

Rose Garden

The rose garden is situated along the Otway Road section and provides a beautiful, serene area for memorialisation, with or without cremated remains.


Warrnambool Cemetery record search on Chronicle.  Search by name or grave location.  By clicking the following link, you will be taken to another website, chronicle.rip

Warrnambool Cemetery Map
Map of Warrnambool Cemetery
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