Visitor Information


Pets are welcome to join you on the grounds at our cemeteries however owners;

  • must keep them on a leash
  • keep them under control in respect of others and ceremonial proceedings
  • collect their droppings


Decorations (such as toys, vases and memorabilia) on and around grave sites can become a problem should they become broken or interfere with mowing.

  • No glass or ceramics should be used
  • No food or drink items
  • Items should be kept to a minimum
  • Items are left at one’s own risk



CCAV Guidelines - Application to Establish or Alter a Memorial or Place of Interment (pdf)
CCAV Application Form (pdf)


Right of Interment

Purchasing of a right of interment gives the holder the right to authorise the interment of human remains in a particular grave or other allotment (eg. a niche) in a cemetery, or the right to establish or alter a monument or memorial in that particular place.

The Right of Interment fee covers perpetual maintenance costs for that site.


Interment Service

Fees associated with interment service relate to the preparation and final presentation of the site used for the interment or burial service.