Last name:   DENHAM (or DENHOLM)
First name:   JOHN ('JACK')
Gender:   M
Age:   17
Date of service:   23-11-1905

Grave Location

Row:   28
Grave number:   017
Location:   CE 28 017
ID: 6245

Interments at location

Notes of interest

1888 - 1905

On Friday 21 December '18, there was an official unveiling of Jack Denham's headstone at the Warrnambool Cemetery.  Jack was a 17-year-old sailor who lost his life when La Bella ran aground in the bay at Warrnambool. 

Jack rested in an unmarked grave until authors of the series of 'Grave Tales' books, Helen Goltz and Chris Adams, researched historical records to reveal Jack's story and his place of burial.  Further information can be found at"

More information about the wreck of the La Bella can be found at Victorian Collections:  Click here

And the story in the Warrnambool Standard December 23 2018:  Click here

Pictured from left to right Laurie Ferrier (nephew of William Ferrier), Helen Goltz, Harry Ferrier (grandson of La Bella hero, William Ferrier) Cr. Tony Herbert and Chris Goltz.

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